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This hour program is a combination lecture and video presentation about the circumstances and aftermath of the sinking of the tall ship, Bounty, during Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012.  

Thanks to Lee Perkins, Chief Librarian and Greta Evans, Tech Service Supervisor at Rice Library in Kittery, Maine for hosting "No Mutiny This Time"

Featuring the video essay, "Bounty & Her Captain"

​​​No Mutiny This Time

Preview to"Bounty & Her Captain" 

What started as an educational video about shipbuilding featuring a famous Hollywood dockside attraction and her captain became a tragic story about negligence. And explores the question - "What would I have done in this situation - follow the captain's decision or say no"? 

Mr. Novello uses the official reports from the United States Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to provide the facts and his video essay, "Bounty & Her Captain", to provide context. 

The tall ship Bounty was, at the time, the "only ship to be built from the keel up especially for a motion picture" -- the 1962 big screen Hollywood remake of Mutiny on the Bounty. And Robin Walbridge was Bounty's Captain for 17 years until he and the ship were lost at sea. 

The "video essay" Bounty & Her Captain is not a documentary, but similar to a print essay, conveys a perspective that is part testimonial, part shipbuilding and part Hollywood ballyhoo. 

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Boothbay Harbor Library presentation of "No Mutiny This Time" had an excellent turnout and  discussion featuring, my video "Bounty & Her Captain".  

Photo by Joseph John Orchulli, II